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This is the story about Victor who is Technically Abroad and how he is adjusting to this one simple fact.

Going to college is a hard time for a lot of people. You just became an adult in society’s eyes, but people still treat you like a kid. A year ago you might have had to ask for permission to use the bathroom, but now you can vote, legally buy most things and work, marry, etc. Even if some people still treat you like a kid.

So in the simplest non-spoilery terms, this story is about Victor finding himself in a world that isn’t his, with a lot of rules that weren’t given to him upon arrival. Instead, he has to take the cards he was dealt and do the best that he can, even though he never asked to be part of this game that turned into his life.

He has to just hope he can live up to his name.

As of now, I update every Saturday and I shoot for putting it up at noon EST. I have only been late before due to power outages and the like and missed one week due to a funeral, but I do my best to stick to the weekly release.

So if you’re ready to start, go ahead and give it a read. Feel free to comment when you like or just continue on.

Sunflower of ice

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