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Right now we are just starting with the web novel “Technically abroad”  and you will have to learn a lot about it as it goes for now.

Since I am not too far into what has been produced I will keep the descriptor simple and short to minimize spoilers that only I can give out.

Victor is a college freshman who finds himself in a world that isn’t his own. His priorities, goals, and experiences are all changing as he tries to figure out what he should learn, what isn’t important and what he can adjust to where he finds himself. In the end, it’s about someone finding himself dealing with the cards he has been dealt without even asking to join the game.

For the moment I have an official day, Saturday, and a time of the day I plan to keep the posts coming out at, noon est. (bonus chapters don’t count and will be posted whenever I put them up) If something happens where I can’t post for some reason I will do my best to let everyone know, but I hope I never need to unless there is a power outage or something. (nearly happened already) So far I think I have done well so my goal is to keep that up, but at the same time I am human and hope everyone understands if there is a mistake because of extenuating circumstances. ><

Lastly, if anyone has advice on how to manage this website I am willing to listen, especially how to edit my right sidebar thing. I’m not a web designer so yeah.